CIDC , New Delhi (www.cidc.in / www.cipdta.com) runs its DIPLOMA IN ENGINEERING & B.Tech Programme jointly with Singhania University. The CIDC, New Delhi was established in 1996 by the Niti Aaayog (then Planning Commission) , Government of India & the Construction Indusytry. Human Resource Development is a major thrurst area of CIDC. The CIDC has collaborated with Singhania University, Rajasthan to offer B.Tech and Diploma Programs in Electrical , Mechanical and Civil Engineering. All the programs are aimed at preparing a cadre of competent manpower to meet the growing demands of Infrastructure construction sector. The programs are self-financing in nature and aimed at development of employability of the learner.

The Diploma / B.Tech will be issued jointly by SINGHANIA UNIVERSITY (Recognized under Section 2F of UGC Act & Member of Association of Indian Universities - AIU) and the CIDC, New Dehli (Established by Planning Commission/Niti Aayog, Govt of India) and are fully Recognized for employment / promotion. 

Being a University run Programme, it does not require AICTE approval as already decalared by AICTE in accordance with the Supreme Court judgement in this regard.

For more details please visit www.cidc.in and www.cipdta.com.